The Planket® Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Planket frost cover washable?

A: The Planket can be easily washed with a water hose and then air-dried. While machine washing is not recommended, some users have reported that washing with cold water on a gentle cycle may also clean the Planket.

Q: Is the Planket frost cover waterproof?

A: The Planket is made from a water resistant, breathable fabric. Unlike sheets or blankets that will soak up water and potentially damage tender plants by crushing them, rain and/or sleet will bead up and roll off the Planket. The Planket will become wet, but never heavy.

Q: Against what temperature does the Planket frost cover protect plants?

A: Unfortunately, there are too many variables to provide an exact temperature. Variables include not only the air temperature, but also the wind chill, the humidity and the inherent resistance to cold of the particular plant.

Q: Does the Planket frost cover create heat?

A: No, but the Planket will retain heat from the surrounding soil to help protect plants from frost damage.

Q: How long can the Planket frost cover be left on my plants?

A: All plants require sunlight and while each plant is different, they should all receive as much time in the sun as possible. It is important that the Planket covers be removed once the sun comes out and the temperature is above freezing; otherwise, the plants may fall victim to excess heat.

Q: Is it ok to leave the Planket on for weeks at a time?

A: No, the Planket is effective for short periods of frost and light freezes only.

Q: Are there any other suggestions to protect my plants from frost damage?

A: Stringing incandescent mini Christmas lights around the plant before covering with the Planket frost cover has been reported as being a successful source of warmth, as incandescent light bulbs emit a slight amount of heat. It is important that incandescent mini lights, rather than LED lights are used, since LED lights do not generate heat.