Why are Backyard Gardens getting so Popular?

Posted by Mark Eshelman on January 27, 2014 0 Comments

Backyard Gardens have been getting so popular these days.

Why do you think that is? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

  • Rising Cost of Food?
  • A desire for more natural produce?
  • The amazing taste of freshly-picked veggies?
  • Heightened awareness of sustainability?
  • It's just fun t Garden?


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Still using old Towels and Sheets to protect your Plants from Cold and Frost?

Posted by Mark Eshelman on January 22, 2014 0 Comments

Arctic Storm Blasting the US - Again!

Still using old towels and bedsheets to protect your precious plants from the frost?

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FREE SHIPPING is BACK at The Planket Frost Covers!

Posted by Mark Eshelman on January 21, 2014 0 Comments

Back by Popular Demand!

Get FREE SHIPPING on any online order of Planket Plant Covers

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Top Frost Covers for Plants and Gardens

Posted by Mark Eshelman on January 14, 2014 0 Comments

by the Garden Guru

This winter has proven to be one of the coldest in the last 20 years - and it's still far from being over. Thanks to a number of arctic cold fronts and high pressure currents from Canada, the majority of the US has seen lower than normal temps. This weekend is another example of record cold temperatures from the Deep South to the midwest and along the eastern seaboard: Polar Blast barrels across the United States, CNN).

Now is the time to pay special attention to the 3 Ps (Pipes, Pets & PLANTS):
We know what to do with our Pets & Pipes, but what about our valuable Plants & Gardens?

Do you want to extend your growing season, or simply protect you gardening investment?

Here are some basic ideas.

  • Move any outdoor Plants inside or in the garage. Also, moving potted plants onto patios with a roof, or even against the house, will provide added warmth. This also protects against wind or falling snow - both of which cause direct damage to unprotected plant leaves.
  • Keeping your plants well-hydrated offers added protection from the frigid elements.
  • Protect your Plants or Gardens with some sort of frost cloth or plant cover.

The most common (& Best) Covers to protect outdoor Plants and Gardens from the Frost:


  • Everyone has them - always available for quick use in an emergency
  • Inexpensive
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Towels allow the plants to "breath"
  • They work well (as long as they are 100% cotton)
  • They look awful, turning even a nice yard a bit "ghetto".
  • Weight: Towels can be heavy, and can easily weigh down the plant, causing permanent damage - especially with added snow or sleet.
  • They tend to "freeze up", adding even more weight to a fragile plant.
  • They are not secure and can easily blow off, subjecting the plants to the frost.
  • Cost of around $5.00+, but many are needed for a typical yard.
  • Limited coverage
  • Easy to access - unless already on a bed : )
  • Washable and reusable
  • Lighter than towels, so they do not damage or bend plant leaves nearly as much as their towel counter parts.
  • They offer good protection, but due to being of much thinner material, they do not offer quite the protection as bath towels.
  • Bed Sheets can cover large areas (up to 76 sq. ft. for a King size)
  • Kinda hard to make your bed when your sheets and pillow cases ares strewn all over the yard.
  • Limited frost protection.
  • They are not secure, and can easily blow off in light wind.
  • Can only cover larger areas, and are not optimal for smaller, potted plants.
  • Unfortunately, they offer the same curb appeal as bath towels.
  • Sheets can get easily (and permanently) soiled.
  • Costs can be North of be $20 per sheet.
  • Burlap is a good choice, but with limitations.
  • Usually comes in rolls, so they can be cut to your needed sizes.
  • The cost factor is minimal - about $40 for 3' x 100' roll (Home Depot)
  • Breaths very well.
  • Due to its low density material, Burlap offers only limited protection against cold & frost.
  • Does not hold up well to machine washing
  • Usually come in big sheets or rolls, so it typically needs to be cut to size.
  • Does not stay securely on the plants.
  • Does not work well on potted plants, unless they are tied around the container base.
  • Curb appeal suffers.

  • Very lightweight
  • Does not take up much storage space
  • Offer protection, but only against very light freezes.
  • Inexpensive (around $5.00 for $45 sq. ft sheet)
  • Offers limited protection
  • Blows off in light wind
  • More easily damaged than more robust burlap
  • Not recommended for machine washing
  • Specifically made to protect plants and gardens against the frost
  • Stays put. The round sizes come with a cinch chord. The jumbo size comes with grommets that can be used to tie down or stake down the cover with the available garden stakes ($5 for 14 stakes).
  • Excellent protection against the cold and wind.
  • Very Light-weight, so it does not weigh down or break the plant
  • Easily stored in it's original packaging
  • Breathable
  • Washable & Reusable. These covers are very durable, and last for years.
  • Various Sizes (from 6' round to the jumbo 10' x 20' rectangle - 200 sq. ft.)
  • Can be used as plant shaders in the summer
  • Reasonable costs ($9.95 - $19.95)
  • Dark evergreen color offers nice curb appeal when used. 
  • Price point is higher than some other options
  • Need to purchase them before a frost hits (rather than simply pulling available towels or sheets at midnight).
  • No small sizes for small to medium potted plants, although the 6" round can be easily used for groups of potted plants.
  • Limited availability via Home Depot, Home Shopping Network (HSN), Walmart or directly online at 

Whatever option you choose, don't let your plants suffer from the chilly frost.
Extend your growing season & protect your valuable Gardening Investment.
Protect your plants from the Frost so this does not happen to you:

One Basil Plant Not Covered. One Basil Plant covered with The Planket frost cover


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Military Appreciation Month - The Planket Frost Covers

Posted by Mark Eshelman on December 19, 2013 0 Comments
Please share with any Active or Retired Military Personnel.

25% OFF online orders at
Plant & Garden Frost Covers.

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